Slash Reveals If He Threatened To Quit Guns N’ Roses Reunion If Axl Rose Was Late


In a new Classic Rock Magazine interview, Slash discussed Axl Rose showing up on time to the band’s reunion shows.

Slash praised rose for being ‘amazing’ and ‘so professional that it blows my mind.’ He blamed many past problems on ‘somebody who will remain mentionless, that we never could get to the core of that problem.’

“When we went to do those Coachella gigs, in the back of my mind I was wondering how this was all going to go. But Axl’s been fucking unreal. We’ve been playing for the last almost two years without a fucking hitch. No matter what’s been thrown at him.

But it’s not because of anything that was said. I think there’s a rumor going around that said I would quit [if the band were late to the stage] or that there was some contract. None of that. There was nothing even mentioned about it.”

Slash doesn’t plan on playing too much Guns N’ Roses material during his upcoming tour with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators according to a new Loudwire interview.

When pressed about the idea of returning to a more scaled down tour than the massive live productions served up by GN’R over the last two years, Slash says he’s looking forward to the upcoming smaller tour dates in support of Living the Dream; he’s thrived in intimate settings over the last decade. Stepping away from those venues to tour stadiums around was an adjustment, as he hadn’t headlined a gig of that size since leaving the band in 1994.

Speaking of Guns N’ Roses, he’s decided not to play as much of their material in his solo sets — Slash has been repeatedly scratched the itch to play those songs over the last two years with GN’R. We posited that this tour could represent the true arrival of the solo band. “I actually hadn’t thought of it like that,” he said, “but we’ve got three albums worth of material so we’re going to be focusing primarily focusing on that. There might be one or two Guns songs and a Velvet Revolver song and a [Slash’s] Snakepit song, but it’s not going to be a major part of the set as it was from 2010 up until 2015.”