Keith Richards Allegedly ‘Robbed’ By Drug Dealers


Keith Richards allegedly being ‘robbed’ by drug dealer was discussed in a new Guitar World article featuring an interview with former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. Keith Richards ‘forgetting’ how to play a The Rolling Stones classic was just revealed.

“I shouldn’t be talking about this, but a typical example of things was that you’d break for the weekend. You’d finish the session at like ten in the morning, drive all the way back through the crowds, going to the beaches, get home about midday, have some lunch, go to bed, and then on Sunday there’s be a phone call saying, ‘Um, some people broke into Keith’s house when everyone was watching television and stole all the guitars and a saxophone. People just came in and cleaned out all the instruments.’ [Note: Reportedly, drug dealers to whom Keith owed money were responsible for the heist.]

Absurd things like that were going on, and it was just a complete joke. But being that is was Keith’s house, he was quite happy to work at any odd hours he cared to. We were all obliged to being there when it suited him more than anybody else.”

A ‘horrible’ Keith Richards ‘drug illness’ was recently revealed. WelshEdge1 posted about The Rolling Stones 2020 tour rumors on a few days ago, “Citi Field was mentioned for NYC earlier in the thread by a user who was correct about the original and rescheduled NJ dates, before they were announced.”

MisterDDDD responded, “Missed that, thanks. While baseball parks aren’t ideal in terms of field layout and the sight-lines etc., they are ultimately better than NFL stadiums imo. Smaller capacity, more intimate feel for sure, but makes getting a floor/pit ticket all the more important as the seats in the upper deck’s, outfield etc. not so great.

With the current screens and stage though, it would be even better than the Zip Code baseball parks I saw them in (Detroit, San Diego) which were both fantastic. Would love to hit some baseball parks instead of NFL stadiums this leg if it happens cool smiley.”

DouginGB wrote, “They could always go to the Packer Hall of Fame. smiling smiley I live in Green Bay and Packer fans are like a cult. Absolutely fanatical. It is actually scary to live here. Anyway, I image the Stones would stay in Chicago or Milwaukee and commute here. Lambeau Field is a huge stadium, seats around 80,000 for football. Any event there is pretty much guaranteed to sell out. No packer fan would ever turn down the opportunity to attend an event at Lambeau, it is like a holy pilgrimage!”

You can read the full Keith Richards piece at Guitar World.