Maynard James Keenan Breaks Offensive Rule At Tool Show


Tool recently launched an Instagram page, and they have finally posted new photos. Maynard James Keenan shared a photo taken of himself onstage, breaking the rule of no phones and photography during Tool performances! Maybe the band are becoming more technology friendly, with the new Tool album release date coming on August 30th?

fifteenthree commented on the photo, “Photos during a show? Kick. Him. Out!!”

vesaaron commented, “Maynard taking pictures during a show? Unbelievable.”

elmar_dumarteau commented, “Maynard and pictures?? What is happening😍”

kimberlymorgan22 wrote, “Doesn’t surprise me… we all come see TOOL because of the unbelievable artistic work that you put out♥️ my husband turned me on to you 20 years ago and I was hooked! TOOL is part of our lives and family. Every time I run races you are on, crazy to say but while I was in labor with both kids we had TOOL on, my son Jude’s first photo to the world rocked a TOOL onesie, my kids rocks out to TOOL while we are in the car!!

We have been blessed to see you 4 times but unfortunately in Rockingham, NC due to weather they cancelled the show so we didn’t get to rock out for the 5th time but are hoping you come back on tour with this new album!!!! Thank you for ALL the hard work ALL you guys do and the Sacrifice that you do as well to be away from the ones you LOVE! Can’t wait to “melt my face off with this new album” 💥👊🏻”