Keith Richards Daughter ‘Rejected’ In Embarrassing Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ daughter Theodora has posted a photo that reveals the range of emotions she feels, including rejected and embarrassed. She said, “To feel is a gift. The good, the bad and the ugly. 2020 vision in 2020. Happy New Year.” A big name recently made a wild Keith Richards and Robert De Niro drug remark.

Theodora also wrote about not yet being able to find a relationship like her parents have, “Happy Birthday to Daddio!!! I love you so. And a VERY HAPPY anniversary to ma and pa who have shown me what TRUE LOVE is.

I haven’t stuck around in a relationship long enough to know the trials of ups and downs that go with being together for 36 years but I see the love that’s in their eyes when they look at one another across the dinner table or when the house is filled with people and they manage to find one another thru the madness and just start to dance so close.

I feel really lucky that this is what I saw growing up and what I see in front of me today. Kids who stuck together and are more in love then ever. Thanks for giving me life and showing me the way xxx.”

She wrote a couple of weeks ago, “Last #OFFTHECUFF of the year is with the lovely Joe Keery @uncle_jezzy had such a great time talking about some of our favorite songs ranging from artists like ELO, Steely Dan and The Flaming Lips.

He opened up my ears to this band Happy End, 70s Japanese folk rock. His album Twenty Twenty is out now which everyone should check out. It’s addictive. Been listening to ‘Personal Lies’ and ‘Roddy’ over and over again. SO GOOD!!! 🐆 🎶🔮Plays on @siriusxm Ch 28 Tonight at 8pm, Mon at 2pm and Wednesday at 11pm ps I took my cousin Marc who’s a big fan as well and that made it all the more fun! Hope you tune in x.” A Keith Richards ‘drunk driving’ claim was recently revealed.