Tool 2020 Tour ‘Threatened’ By Sad News, Is It Canceled?

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Tool fans discussed their fears of the band’s highly anticipated 2020 tour being canceled in a new Reddit thread. Maynard James Keenan was photographed in a ridiculous car a couple of weeks ago.

Triplespiral13 posted, “I’ve been keeping an eye on the bushfires down that way for some time now as I have plans to come from Canada for some shows… Our canadian news channel had a headline that the highway between Sydney and Melbourne is disrupted. Are there any others doing multiple cities in Australia that are unsure what to expect travel-wise? I really do not want to be some oblivious tourist that’s in the way. Ideally, if I could be of any help while I am there…”

Hellboy1975 responded, “It’s not too much of an issue unless you live in a bushfire zone. I expect the impact on the tour will be minimal.”

GrumpyAU chimed in, “I’m not on the east coast but as far as I know flights are ok. If you are driving you will need to check as a lot of roads through NSW are closed.”

MikeyJT wrote, “I’m in the lower North Island of NZ and the sky has been hazy the past few days due to the massive amount of smoke in the atmosphere. Literally has been overcast + the sun has been blood red. Take care Aus brothers / sisters!”

Akauve said, “Flights are operating normally, some delays due to haze, that’s it. Mine on the way back to Spain for Christmas was delayed almost two hours, the atmosphere in Sydney couple of weeks ago when I took that flight was apocalyptic: pink sun, very strong winds and this orange/grey sky like in Blade Runner 2049 movie, and it’s becoming normal in Sydney. It’s very sad what’s happening, 6 millions HA already burnt, the top record to date was 5 millions for a whole summer and this summer has barely started. Lots of animals and flora lost. We need rain.

One month for the tour, I don’t think it will be affected by any means. I have my tickets for Syd and Melb. Hope everyone traveling down under or inside Australia don’t have any issue so we can enjoy together this experience.” A Tool member dressing room ‘attack’ was recently caught on camera.