Keith Richards Family Devastated By Terrifying Diagnosis


Keith Richards’ daughter was devastated by news that his The Rolling Stones photographer Terry O’Neil has died from prostate cancer at age 81. Keith Richards’ daughter recently revealed a gross Keanu Reeves photo.

Keith wrote, “So long, Terry. You were there from the start. An incredible photographer and a great mate. My respects to the family. Keith #terryoneill @terryoneillofficial 📷Terry O’Neil.”

Keith’s daughter Theodora commented, “Love you dad x and this shot of you is one of my infinite favorites.”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently revealed how The Rolling Stones got Metallica to end their hiatus that nearly led to a breakup.

Hairball posted, “Lars is an idiot – I remember all the disparaging remarks he made about the Stones like a little girl. I was at that show, but was prepartying with friends at a nearby bar and intentionally missed Metallica.

I recall after the show a bunch of youngsters were boldly claiming “Metallica blew the Stones away”, and maybe for them it was true, but they were probably big Metallica fans and only there to see them anyways. However, I did see them open for Ozzy in ’86 at the Long Beach arena and they were heavy duty insane/intense albeit very noisy and chaotic- made Ozzy look and sound tame in comparison.”

RollingFreak responded, “Lars has said nothing wrong about this experience. If you think that you’re totally biased. He mentioned the story how it actually happened, and now he prefers to memorialize it as a happier memory. I don’t see how there’s any problem with that. As for what he might have said in the distant past… we were all kids once. We all evolve. I didn’t use to think the Sex Pistols album was music. I thought it was noise. Now I love it. Everyone changes.”

Paddy wrote, “Probably everyone who has spent 15 seconds in Lars’ company ends up giving him the look he described Jagger giving him….

I saw Metallica a few times in the years between 92 and 2003 when they played Master of Puppets in full. The first Metallica album I bought week of release was the black album. It’s been the last good one also. Whatever hope Metallica ever had of blowing the stones off the stage was well gone by 05

I preferred Megadeth in spite of Mustaine’s ramblings and whiny voice. Rust In Peace is a superior album for me than the black album. But the people’s bought the black album in the 10s of millions. The people’s vote gotta count for something.

They were killer live in 92 though, indoors 10,000 in the old point depot Dublin. Good times. Bag of cans.. ” Keith Richards calling out another band, The Black Crowes, for a ripoff, was detailed last week on The Howard Stern Show.