Keith Richards Daughter Leaks Gross Keanu Reeves Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ daughter Theodora posted a bizarre meme showing rocket fuel coming out of Keanu Reeves’ butt. Keith Richards savagely called out a The Black Crowes song ripoff according to a new interview with the reunited band.

The meme says: “Person at a party: Don’t leave you just got here. Me before they could even finish that sentence.” Jimaki67 commented, “I feel this all the time, because of my depression.” Bklyn115chris responded, “don’t hold your sad thoughts to yourself. Talk to someone about how you feel.” Theodora said, “I hope your heart is happy and open today.”

A The Rolling Stones icon revealed how Keith Richards drugged him a few days ago. Nick_decastro commented, “Keanu Leeves.” Theodora responded, “Made me crack up. 😍” Alexandra wrote a couple of days ago, “About last night! Thank you to the ever lovely @lolarykiel for the invite to the marvelous @mariehelenedetaillac Her @rizzolibooks book launch titled #goldandgemstones which is of her gorgeous rainbow candied jewels in these strong yet delicate settings. I’m a sucker for anything in rainbow order.

The shindig was at the @neuegalerieny ( one of my favorite spots in nyc ) which was fitting because the Galerie has a bunch of Gustav Klimts very colorful and jewel like portraits of these muses and friends. Great backdrop for that party! Thanks @officialalexandrarichards and @kyletorrence for making me laugh and taking me out.”

She also recently posted, “@margotandmila I LOVE YOUR STUFF. Miss your faces even more but loved opening my package with your names on it and seeing your gorgeous creations! The earrings are divine and my chain I won’t take off ever.” Keith Richards’ daughter recently revealed a creepy Prince photo.