Keith Richards Calls Out The Black Crowes Ripoff


The Black Crowes revealed on The Howard Stern Show earlier this week that Keith Richards pointed out a similarity with a The Rolling Stones classic and a Crowes tune. A The Rolling Stones icon claimed Keith Richards ‘drugged’ him yesterday. recapped: Howard asked Chris about how he and Rich they got back together. Chris said they worked through a third party. He said he figured this could be the most punk thing they could do. Rich said they thought it could be cool to do this.

Chris said they didn’t want anyone from their past dealing with them. He said they wanted to start fresh. Rich said they wanted to do it with new guys so it was something new for everyone.

Howard said at some point it has to get out of a theoretical thing and they have to see each other. Howard asked where they were. Chris said they were in New York. Chris said that they met in New York and they had their kids with them. Chris said that his girlfriend came too. Howard asked if that annoyed Rich. Rich said whatever makes him happy. Chris said it was a piece of the puzzle that she didn’t know about. He said the first time they played ”Jealous Again” was something they did too.

Howard said they’re going to take a break and they’re going to perform a song. Howard said they’re going to be out on tour doing their whole album from beginning to end. Chris said the tickets are on sale right now. Howard said they’re announcing that they’re back together right here in the studio. Howard said this is a miracle. Howard said he said if they start fighting he’s not jumping between them. Howard said go to right now for tickets.

Howard Stern revealed the rumored new Van Halen singer yesterday. Howard had the guys perform their song ”Jealous Again.” After the song Howard said they still have it. He said that was a lot of fun to watch. He said go out and see them on tour.

Howard said he likes to look over his notes while people perform but he had to watch this performance. Howard asked how they wrote that song together. Rich said he came up with the intro first. He said he wanted to write a song like Tumbling Dice. Chris said Keith Richards band performed that song and said it reminded him of something. He said of course it did because it was just like their song.

Chris said he met Mick Jagger at a show they did right before they got fired from ZZ Top. He said Mick made a comment about how he was seeing himself from 1974 there. He said he was probably insulting him but he took it as a compliment. Keith Richards was caught sleeping with a member of The Rolling Stones in an unearthed photo.