Keith Richards ‘Ruins’ The Rolling Stones Performance


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman recently discussed Keith Richards ruining his performance by having his bass mixed low, and Mick Jagger not giving him proper credit on Exile on Main Street. Wyman made the remarks to Guitar World. Elton John just took a brutal shot at Keith Richards.

“Well, they’d always sink me way deep. There would always be separate mixes, and then they’d argue about which ones to use. I didn’t get involved, but yeah, I used to get fairly disappointed when you couldn’t bloody well hear my bass. But they wanted more of Keith’s guitar, or whatever. I suppose I just lived with it.

I also didn’t always get the proper credits I deserved, either. When you read the back of the Exile album, it says someone else is playing bass on songs when it was actually me. Mick would always get the credits wrong, and it was too late to change them. So that was annoying, as well.”

A crazy Keith Richards and Robert De Niro claim was just made. NotJustYet73 discussed Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood’s live performances, and being sometimes sloppy, on Reddit, “I love Ron–I think he was born to be in the Stones. (If you’re searching for a good example of his lead playing, listen to the solo on ‘Too Tough’ from Undercover. His solo on the live version of ‘Worried About You’ on the Biggest Bang DVD set is pretty tasty, too.) I saw them twice, in ’89 and ’94, and at the second gig Ron did most of the heavy lifting on guitar.

He sounded fantastic and the audience responded enthusiastically; I’ve never heard such a raucous or prolonged round of applause for Ron Wood as he got that night. Naturally, there are bootlegs and even officially-released live albums on which you can hear him–or Keith, or Mick–being very sloppy, but he was right on the money at this ’94 gig. (For those keeping score, it was in Birmingham, AL; a bootleg may exist, but I’ve never run across it.) And a little sloppiness is almost a prerequisite for playing with the Stones.”

You can read the full Bill Wyman interview at Guitar World.