Mick Jagger Helps ‘Struggling’ Keith Richards In Sad Photo


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman revealed a photo of Mick Jagger helping Keith Richards as he struggled to take off his boot in a new Interview Magazine piece. Keith Richards ‘ruining’ a The Rolling Stones performance was just revealed.

Wyman said, “There’s two pictures: Keith trying to take the boot off and then Mick helping him. That’s at the Rock and Roll Circus, and there’s Brian right in the background. Mick’s just pulling his snakeskin boot off to help him. Keith was rather wanting to be barefooted.”

Barkerboy2 posted on the Shidoobee forum about The Rolling Stones’ most underrated album, “Trying to freshen up the board a little here and introduce some new topics (even though I’m almost certainly repeating old threads 😂)!

What would you say is the band’s most underrated album? I think most people are in agreement that the some kind of variation of the big four are their best/most appreciated/recognised, but there are many albums that are totally overlooked or instantly dismissed.

Personally I think Dirty Work is wildly underrated. Yes, the production is particularly dodgy and admittedly there are a couple of stinkers on there (Back To Zero, I’m looking in your direction), there are also some fantastic gems there.

I honestly believe that if someone were to re-mix the album by taking out all the 80s synths and snares and giving it a more ‘rough’ feel, people would recognise the songs as some real classics. Sleep Tonight is one of my favourite Keith songs for a start. Bridges To Babylon is also a prime candidate in my opinion. What are other people’s views?”

Howard Stern recently discussed The Rolling Stones cancer news. Mr. Lawyer responded, “I think GHS, IORR and B&B are extraordinary albums. Hand Of Fate is probably my most favorite never played on the air song…GHS is a masterpiece worthy of “Exile” status.”

BarkerBoy2 shot back, “Mr. Lawyer, perhaps you should give it another go now – you might find one or two tracks that take your fancy.

For what it’s worth, I would count the following Bigger Bang songs as good;
Rough Justice
This Place Is Empty
Oh No, Not You Again
Laugh I Nearly Died
Look What The Cat Dragged In
Infamy (for some reason a lot of people seem to hate this one)

The rest of the album hasn’t seen the light of day from me in years. Also, the two ‘unreleased’ songs, Under The Radar and Don’t Wanna Go Home are good songs as far as I am concerned. I have no idea why they were left off in favour of some of the fluff that was included!”

You can read the full Bill Wyman piece at Interview Magazine.