Keith Richards ‘Kicked Out’ By The Rolling Stones Bandmate


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo Wood were forced to kick Keith Richards out of their guest house after having a baby, Jo Wood told the Daily Mail in a new piece. Keith Richards claiming he is the father of a bandmate’s daughter was just detailed.

“We didn’t see that much of Mick [Jagger] in LA though, as he was always on the move, while Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman stayed in England. But life was great. My son Jamie came to live with us, we had baby Leah and this beautiful house, and there were always loads of interesting people around.

When I finally threw Keith out of our guest house it wasn’t personal, but he had to go as I’d just had a baby! He wrote me an IOU note which I still have, promising to buy me two pistols for my birthday, and while I can’t say I’ve ever had any interest in firearms, clearly the thought was there from him.”

The Rolling Stones fans on wrote about the band possibly doing a James Bond song recently. PeopleWithEyes wrote, “How ‘Bond 007’ are Stones tunes? There has been talk on and off through the decades about the Stones doing a Bond theme, but I’m having trouble seeing how they could make a appropriate song. For me the best Bond tunes have mystery, sweeping choruses, some melancholy, some menace. I’m hard pressed to think of any ‘recent’ (last 30 years) tunes that could even slightly fit that setting. Perhaps Continental Drift?

I think Goats Head Soup might be the closest – with perhaps Can You Hear the Music or Winter being at least sonically appropriate. What do you think? Can (or even, could) the Stones make a Bond-ish tune?”

JumpingKentFlash said, “I think they should do it. The trademarks of Bond tunes has always been that ‘Goldeneye DA DAAAA’ thing. That could easily be a Keef open G thing, and the title No Time To Die fits the Stones too. Do a mid tempo rocker and add horns and strings. It’s probably the closest we’ll ever get to the EOMS sound nowadays too.”

Keith Richards ‘passing out’ in a photo was recently revealed. Jahisnotdead chimed in, “I think Rock And A Hard Place and to a lesser extent Undercover Of The Night have the type of “Goldfinger” sound that is close to the usual Bond tune template. Dangerous Beauty could have also been worked into an acceptable Bond track, I believe.

I think the Stones could and should do it. It would be great publicity. As JumpingKentFlash said above, just make it horn and string heavy. Certainly there are many producers out there who can replicate the sound of the usual Bond song without too much difficulty.”

You can read the full Jo Wood piece at Daily Mail.