Keith Richards Reveals Drugs He Was Arrested With


The Roling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has had a fair share of history with drugs and addiction. In 1967, the band retreated to Redlands, which was Keith Richards’ estate in Sussex, England, for a “lovely party.” But it quickly stirred controversy when a high-profile drug bust occurred.

Mick Jagger opens up on the bust

“There were a LOT of drugs there. LSD, hash, and the fuzz busted in,” Jagger recalled. “Being busted on acid is really weird.” 

The incident made Richards wary of authority. “I still carry a chip,” Richards says with a throaty cackle. “I could use a joint right now!”  Legal drama had ensued, while Richards’ sentence was overturned and Jagger’s was reduced to a conditional discharge. But rather than dwelling on the arrests of Jagger and Richards the scenario added to the mystique of the Rolling Stones as the rebellious foil to their groomed rivals, The Beatles.

“They got cleaned up by their manager,” Richards said of the British quartet. “Otherwise, they were exactly the same as we were – filthy swine!” 

The Rolling Stones frontman was recently flashed by a topless fan and in an amusing development, he flashed back at the fan as well. The incident transpired during a band’s performance in Spain, on Tuesday, August 2 as the vocalist decided to take fan interaction to a special level.

The Rolling Stones are currently touring as part of their 60th anniversary. The band returned to the road shortly after the death of drummer Charlie Watts last year. The group is wrapped up their tour leg on August 3 in Berlin, Germany.