Maynard James Keenan Reveals If He Hates Radiohead


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan revealed that he had high respect for Radiohead and the influence they’ve had on rock music in a joint Classic Rock Magazine interview with bandmate Justin Chancellor. Tool made a terrifying Maynard James Keenan revelation yesterday.

“Yeah, but I think that when Radiohead in the 90s started doing these long introspective pieces, that also set the stage for the Mars Volta and for a lot of bands like them,” nods Keenan sagely. “Radiohead are a band who just kept pushing things out and out, who took their success and used it as an opportunity to go further,” argues Justin.

OneDayRicherAtATime posted on Reddit about a bad experience at Tool’s show in Los Angeles at Staples Center on Monday night. Tool made a horrible cancelation announcement last week.

“Some asshole behind me at the show tonight told me to sit down and almost caused havoc. I was so angry but still sat for opening, halfway through song realized that I was going against everything Tool’s music inspires inside of me.

In my anger I took a deep breath, turned around and said let’s compromise and I’ll sit as much as possible but I can’t control how I feel about their songs. This BITCH starts yelling so I asked the security if we were required to sit, as Staples doesn’t offer standing admission and he said of course you can stand.

Tl;dr So disappointing to have someone at a Tool show try and spread negative energy over another fan wanting to stand for some of their songs.

I ended up raging my face off and connecting with the music just felt the need to shitpost this somewhere cuz I actually handled it with compassion for the first time in my life instead of anger and bottling it in and that’s what tool is all about. To me at least. Hope everyone there enjoyed.”

A Tool member was allegedly ‘high’ at a concert last week. He later responded to fans who criticized him, “No offense, offered to sit as much as I could to compromise and I didn’t even have to do that. I could have stood the whole show.

People are passionate about music, if it gets expressed by standing up… at a fucking rock show, so be it. If they wanted to see better they could have stood up too. End of day it’s a rock show… lmao.”

“I just wanted good energy around me however you derive your energy is cool , but their music to me ESPECIALLY on FI ad Pneuma in specific , become one. I tried to work a solution out so everyone could enjoy and be a good person but she was destined to have a bad night. I enjoyed the hell out of myself hope she found her inner joy.”

You can read Keenan’s comments in Classic Rock Magazine.