Keith Richards Sad Warning To Guns N’ Roses Revealed


The former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven recently talked about Guns N’ Roses icon Slash and Rolling Stones Icon, Keith Richards. It is noted that Alan Niven is one of the few people who don’t often get talked about. He played a major role in the breakthrough that Guns N’ Roses got. Niven had already made his name as the manager, songwriter, and producer of Great White when Tom Zutaut, Geffen A&R agent who had signed Guns in 1986, invited him to manage the band.

Alan Niven opens up on Keith Richards and Slash

In an extensive interview with VWMusic, he talked about Guns N’ Roses already acquiring such a fierce reputation. He stated that Zutaut had to ask him three times before he accepted the offer to manage the band – however, he was also aware that the Axl Rose-fronted band also had a lot of potential.

Asked about his initial impression of the band, Niven replied: “F***-ups. But that meant they weren’t your typical, calculating L.A. wannabes who had more ambition than talent. Y’know, throw a demo together, shop it, not get signed, all change, join other musicians. Every three months.

He then went deeper into this.

He said: “A band is something that must be forged in the fire of adversity. Stay together and allow personal chemistry to percolate. Take on impossible odds. F*** ’em all; it’s us against them. That was Mötley. That was Great White. That was Guns. Us against everything. One for all and all for one…

Keith Richards would also have a lot of say in the workings of Guns N’ Roses.

Niven stated: “Keith Richards told Slash he could never leave the band. Keith understood this to the marrow. He may have hated Sir Mick at certain points and thought the knighthood a betrayal of the blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll spirit, but he was Keith’s knight of the realm. So, f*** ya all.”