AC/DC Member Confirms Reunion In Leaked Photo


AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has seemingly confirmed that he is back in the band, as his daughter has posted a photo of him wearing an AC/DC jacket on her Instagram story at what could be an airport. Rudd, Brian Johnson, and Cliff Williams are rumored to rejoin Angus Young and Stevie Young for a new AC/DC album and tour, especially after photos surfaced last year of the band recording in Vancouver. Rudd exited AC/DC in 2014 due to legal issues, while Johnson was dismissed in early 2016 due to hearing issues, and Cliff Williams retired at the end of the 2016 tour. AC/DC were rumored to tour with a big name yesterday.

IronPatriot commented on the new Rudd photo on, “My take on this picture after checking out her Insta story is that Phil and his daughter are at the airport, probably getting some sort of VIP treatment.

The picture in the Insta story is a pic of her seat on the plane. Doesn’t seem like it’s private but probably either business or first class. I’m guessing she’ll likely post something once they land, so I would just keep monitoring the account.”

A famous comedian recently revealed how Brian Johnson feared he ruined his chance to return to AC/DC. Fans then attempted to figure out what plane Rudd could be on, with IronPatriot responding to a fan who posted a picture of a plane with departure time, “The plane you have pictured there wouldn’t have a business class like the one seen in Lucia’s story. The one in her story would be found on a much larger plane, which would also suggest a much further travel distance.”