Keith Richards Wife Stunned By ‘Terminal’ Sick News


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ wife Patti Hansen was stunned recently by a fan telling her about terminal diseases that devastated their family. Keith Richards ‘forgetting’ how to play a classic song was just revealed.

Patti Hansen wrote, “One of those great NYC days❤️ thanks Teddy , waiting for your show on sirus ch 28 tonight 😘.”

Logansteeth commented, “Awwwww Thats sweet. My mom died. She had Parkinson’s and COPD even though she quit smoking years ago had a nodules so they went in and took it out. She was never the same after that.” Patti responded, “Very sorry.”

Theodora commented, “Love that my teeth don’t look so yellow 😁💋💋💋 Always a great day with you mom.”

Nikkei recently posted on, “I have re-watched the 1998 St.Louis DVD and the first peculiar thing that I didn’t really notice before is that there seems to be a monotonous track of a cheering audience laid over all of it. After Saint Of Me, that constant cheer goes on but there seems to be absolutely no one joining in on the chorus.

Mick sneers at the crowd and finishes the song after three seconds. Then I noticed that the San Jose 99 performance on YT cuts off there (don’t have that DVD) In my opinion the singalong was the main factor that turned Saint Of Me into a standout live number. At my first ever show they let us sing, then restarted the chorus, stopped again and the crowd volume doubled before they ended the song proper.

Our singalong turned into a canon and lasted two further minutes (listen to the Stuttgart 99 boot) I didn’t see Buenos Aires but I would imagine it was also pretty wild. Now I wonder if the US audiences are generally not the singing type of crowd or if it has to do with the subject matter of the song? Do they believe they have a shot at canonization if they resist such blasphemy? Is this song more controversial than I realize?”

Georgie48 responded, “At all the concerts in the Netherlands where they performed Saint Of Me, the crowd was very enthusiastic to say the least. I also noticed that the audiences in the USA were much less ‘into it.’ You suggest a possible explanation, but I find it difficult to join you there. It could just be a cultural thing.

While we think we are very enthusiastic, I experienced Latino fans in general (live in Argentina! and from videos) easily beat us on this. I doubt if the lyrics have anything to do with it. It’s simply a great sing-along song.” Keith Richards getting ‘dope sick’ was just revealed.