Kid Rock Leaks Amber Heard Bank Payment


Kid Rock posted a tweet about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, as seen below. He discussed Heard paying Depp $10 million. He wrote, “Congrats General Johnny Depp! You have won a huge battle in the war against cancel culture! Amber is paying you millions to basically let people hear she dropped a dirty in your bed! 💩😂 Keep on Kid Rockin’ in the free world. #MePoo – Kid Rock.”

Johnny Depp is already starting to spend that Amber Heard settlement money, but it doesn’t look like that he is alone in doing so. Recently, Depp was spotted in the luxurious restaurant, Varanasi located in Birmingham, UK. The dining there is quite the experience says the reviews. Johnny Depp invited some of his closest friends out to celebrate his freedom all the expense of $60,000 for one meal.

With the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case coming to a close, we get a bit more of an introspective on how each of these two will be living their lives after the case. Amber Heard hasn’t been seen of too much, but she has been speculated to file an appeal on the case. On the other hand, Johnny Depp has been living up his freedom in rich fashion with some newfound cash and with the legendary Jeff Beck.

The two stars were seen hanging out with other people in their party at what’s billed as “Birmingham’s largest Indian restaurant.” Depp has been staying in the United Kingdom to join Beck on his tour. He was seen with Beck at London’s Royal Albert Hall late last month.

For this trip, Johnny traveled to Birmingham to perform with Beck onstage for his show in the city’s Symphony Hall. Depp and his entourage had arrived to the swanky restaurant by 7 p.m. and posed for photos with fans.

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial ended with the jury siding with Johnny Depp with Amber Heard having to pay out $15million in damages to Johnny Depp. In return, Amber Heard was also awarded around $2million according to sources. Currently, it has been said by Amber Heard’s lawyer that she is not able to pay the amount owed to Johnny Depp. With that said, there have been GoFundMe accounts made in support of Ms. Heard.

Once word started getting widespread about the donation accounts made in support of the actress – the corresponding host sites took them down. While there have not been any official statements made at the time about why they were taken down, it’s pretty obvious to be able to speculate why, although, it looks like dinner was on Amber.