The Killers Destroy Property Backstage At Pearl Jam Headlined Festival


VRT reports that The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers broke some things backstage after his band’s performance at the Rock Werchter festival a few days ago. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was said to be happy when he arrived backstage following his band’s performance.

Translation: From broken backstage to gigantic changing rooms: the most remarkable backstage stories from Werchter Radio presenter Stijn Van de Voorde has announced the artists on the Rock Werchter Main Stage for four days. During the Rock Werchtermarathon on Canvas, he shared some remarkable backstage stories.

StuBru presenter Stijn Van de Voorde may be the man who stood most on the main stage of Rock Werchter in recent days. He announced on the main stage the artists who had to perform.

“Some artists want you to announce them, others say: it is allowed, but we do have an intro so we do not need you, and others say: do it briefly .. Actually you are not the most beloved figure for a tour manager. ..) but because I keep it so short, most groups are satisfied.”

The trick of Van de Voorde is: “I walk to the front of the stage and then back, at that time I must have said everything because nobody is waiting for me”.

Brandon Flowers found it necessary to break a few things when he came off the stage

Stijn Van de Voorde said that by being at the Main Stage and backstage all the time, he of course sees the most remarkable stories. “At The Killers there had apparently been a small problem with the Brandon Flowers keyboard which made it necessary for him to get off the stage, without going into too much detail, to break a few things.”

Something that Van de Voorde had never seen happen. “Most artists are genuinely happy when they step off the stage.” Eddie Vedder came off the stage with his Red Devils t-shirt yesterday, those men fall into each other’s arms and that is fun. “