Kim Thayil Tells Heartwarming Story About Chris Cornell’s Friendship With Dogs


Chris Cornell’s former solo band guitarist Pete Thorn discussed Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil’s eulogy at Chris Cornell’s funeral in a YouTube comment.

“Yes, it helped, while also being really really incredibly hard. The guy was loved by folks from all walks of life, that’s for sure. Kim talking about how he treated everyone with respect and hated bigotry- how he didn’t discriminate by ethnicity, sex, or even species- about how some of his best friends were DOGS, 🙂

Neighborhood strays that he’d play with, wrestle with and take camping sometimes- there was a dog named Bill- ha. It was amazing. I was able to smile a bit at that moment. Beautiful service.”

Thorn responded to a YouTube comment with a funny story about Cornell.

“Thanks man. I know what you mean, the world can be so cynical these days, it’s just overwhelming. And people say things from behind a keyboard they’d never say to someone’s face, which is sad. But I believe most people out there, by far, are good people!

Chris was a great guy with a big heart and he treated everyone with respect, which was always really heartwarming to see. there was a guy on our crew for awhile that was a ‘survivalist’ type guy- stockpiling ammo and supplies in the woods for some coming apocalypse he believed was inevitable- preparing a fortress to escape to.

Chris told me, ‘if that happened, wouldn’t you want to stay behind and help old people, and sick people?’ Yup. he was like that.”