Adele Looks Miserable At Super Bowl In Video

Adele looked annoyed and not thrilled to be at the Super Bowl in videos and photos, despite Rihanna performing and allegedly lip syncing during the Halftime Show.

While Adele was at the Super Bowl, Britney Spears was not amidst rumors of her dealing with personal problems. The former actress of 1990’s Charmed fame, Alyssa Milano, was embroiled in a cat fight mess with the already messy Britney Spears. For those who may not be aware, the two engaged in an exchange of words last year, which weren’t received kindly by Spears. Today, the former Charmed actress says that she is sorry for words she threw in Spears’ direction last year. Will Spears accept the apology?

According to TMZ, Alyssa Milano extended an olive branch to Britney Spears after being publicly called out by the former singer.

A representative for the former actress tells us, Alyssa reached out to Britney privately Wednesday to apologize after Spears took to Instagram to slam a tweet of Alyssa’s that she considered “bullying.” As for how Alyssa got the message across … Brit sources tell us she sent a private message Britney’s way this morning.

It’s unclear if Britney reacted to Alyssa’s apology, or what exactly Alyssa said in her message. We do know, however, that Alyssa expressed support for Britney in her correspondence.

ICYMI, Britney posted to her IG Story Tuesday, honing in on a tweet Alyssa fired off in December, which read … “Someone please go check on Britney Spears.” This is when she was off the radar and fans were concerned — speculating she’d been re-conserved.