Tom DeLonge Posts Blink-182 Arrest Photo


Since Tom DeLonge has announced that he would be rejoining Blink-182, he has made it his job to dig up any old pieces of media that he may have from years upon years ago that feature anything from fart jokes to him being arrested while Mark Hoppus looked on laughing.

Yes, that’s right, Tom DeLonge was once arrested. His arrest was caused by underage drinking. He would go to jail where Mark Hoppus would then bail him out. Mark even commented on the post with what could easily be some new Blink-182 lyrics. Mark stated: “I stayed up all night bailing you out. I still think it’s funny. I’d do it again.”

Reddit caught on to this photo of Tom back in 2020, but it didn’t go viral at the time. It looks like Tom is the one that is making it push to higher heights along with Mark.

Since Tom has rejoined the band, his social media has been more active than ever. Not only has his Instagram been blowing up with old Blink-182 photos and photos of him as a kid, (to which Tom makes fun of himself) but he also has been very active on Facebook as well.

On Facebook, Tom has really been dominating the algorithm. A few times a day, you can see Tom post up not only photos, but memes and jokes as well. One picture had two baseball players standing next to one another with one patting the other one on the backside. Tom would state that the photo is a reason why he would not play baseball.

Tom’s joke could have easily turned problematic for him very quickly. It’s very odd to see DeLonge making the jokes he makes in 2022 and surely, he has to walk a fine line to do so.

Check out the photo below along with one of our favorite current pop punk songs.