King Ropes’ Green Wolverine Is A Gift To Behold For Tom Waits & Beck Fans


One’s ability to convey a pure, honest musical attack without compromise is truly a gift to behold. Too often bands find themselves becoming slaves to the mold of flaccid lass consumption if for nothing more than a chance to hit it big. But when you stumble onto a one of a kind, magically magnificent unique vision well then, you need to grab a hold of that and refuse to let go. If you’re dying for that grip, you absolutely must check out King Ropes.

The garage rock, psychedelic injected band hail from Montana and in a months’ time, they are poised to unleash their latest creation, Green Wolverine. The four track album, which is slated to drop May 1st, looks to continue the band’s hot streak. Without exception, King Ropes writes a style of music that is not only sorely missed from contemporary, mainstream alternative rock, but aspires to show just how far the expected confines of alternative rock can be pushed.

Filled with left turns that would leave Tom Waits and Les Claypool’s heads spinning, King Ropes work the kitchen sink approach to its fullest potential.  Everything is up for grabs with this powerhouse quartet. A little country? Sure. A little straight down the middle rock? No problem. How about off the wall instrumentation and a musical direction that not only throws caution to the wind, it denies its existence? Yes. And yes.

Smooth, unassuming vocal melodies will grab a hold of you and take you into a world of lush relatability. Fun, inventine guitar lines and a wonderfully on the money rhythm section tie it all together. But like most great bands- it is the sum of the parts that creates something wonderful. You can check that box off for King Ropes.

You have to give it up to a band that takes chance. A band unafraid of the “what ifs” that embraces the “why nots”. With the impending release of Green Wolverine the only thing truly expected is the unexpected. Forget playing it safe; how about playing it for thrills. That’s exactly what King Ropes excel at; and what we can expect come May 1st.  Make sure to check them out across their various social media sites below!