KISS Icon Threatens To Sue ‘Disgraceful’ Gene Simmons


Bob Kulick, the Grammy Award-winning record producer, and brother of former KISS guitarist, Bruce Kulick recently took to social media via Facebook to unload on allegations about how his brother along with KISS stars Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons ,and others are ‘dishonorable and dishonest,’ accusing the lot of copyright infringement and merchandise being sold without his consent but rather the consent of just his brother.  Paul Stanley brutally threw a guitar at KISS fans recently.

Kulick wrote: “So sad and with a heavy heart, I am compelled to post these photos and share this with all of you …especially you KISS fans. The photos below are merchandise items currently being sold by KISS Army Merchandise with permission from my brother Bruce Kulick only. I have not given permission for this and have not been accounted to or paid for merchandise sold bearing my name and photos with my likeness. This is called copyright infringment and an indication to all of you as to where my backstabbing brother Bruce is in all this! Disgraceful, uncalled for and a situation that will be answered in time! The culprits are Keith Leroux, Bruce Kulick (who now has a restraining order against me) Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, [and] Doc McGhee.

Paul Stanley recently revealed this horrible threat to quit KISS. Kulick continued: “Please be advised that these “people “ are dishonorable and dishonest, not like the honorable artists that I Produced like Ronnie James Dio and Lemmy
These are people who will lie cheat and steal just for the all mighty dollar
Shame on all of you! PS: These people are so pathetic that I had to give them $750.00 to start the merchandise operation and now they refuse to pay or acknowledge me.”

KISS fans reacted to the objection via the KISSFaq forums. One member, Andykiss78 did not mince words when they stated: “Bob is mentally unhinged. KISS has nothing to do with Kissarmy Warehouse. If Bob has a restraining order on him…it seems he has lost the plot. People will want to hear both sides of the story but posting that shows he has lost it. By the way, how much merch are [the] Kulick Brothers selling? $100? Who the fuck buys a Kulick Bros shirt? Bob is a session musician in the KISS world. That is it.”

Paul Stanley was stunned by this KISS bandmate collapsing onstage the other day. Whereas SaintN’Sinner83 put: “Imagine Vinnie Vincent, Bob Kulick, Gordon Gerbert and Rachel doing a group meeting to air grievances. We need to make this happen. It’ll be the Special Olympics of paranoid, deluded insanity.”