Paul Stanley Reveals Horrible Threat To Quit KISS


KISS frontman Paul Stanley is shouting his jabs at this former KISS member out loud. In a hot topic over on the fan forum, one user by the name of Grizzly Adams shows Stanley, during KISS Kruise IX, sharing a story of how Peter Criss said he would allegedly ‘quit the band if he didn’t get to sing vocals on ‘Mainline’, a track off of KISS’ second studio album ‘Hotter Than Hell.’ KISS icon Paul Stanley revealed this creepy wife photo recently.

Peter Criss was a co-founder and the original drummer for the popular hard rock group, establishing the Catman character for his KISS persona. Paul Stanley revealed how he lost millions with KISS a couple of days ago.

Fans responded pretty rapidly to the development. KingofHearts89 replied: “Oh boy, I love Paul [Stanley] but at this point, it just feels like he’s trying to hide his own insecurities by making the others seem bad. I thought kiss always wanted to be like The Beatles and have everyone sing, this story seems like bull. If he felt this way then why isn’t Paul singing the song as he does with ‘Hard Luck Woman’?”

Planet Caravan wrote: “Today, Paul [Stanley] makes out like he always hated Peter and merely tolerated him in the 70s. If Peter [Criss] threatened to quit over Mainline, then Paul should have let him If he truly hated Peter like he claims. Poor piss-weak Paul babbling his garbage and lies again.”

Paul Stanley grabbed this young A-list actress in a recent photo. Spiritual_Chaos said: “Paul Stanley is a guy who would have been bullied all through his life, but being able to hide himself behind greasepaint made him a superstar and ironically enough a bully. It’s like a Twilight Zone episode.”