KISS Member Emotional Cancer Photos Revealed


Former KISS drummer Peter Criss has posted on his official website:

Dear Peter,

I don’t have words that can adequately express my appreciation for the kindness that you and Gigi bestowed upon my sister Toni and me last evening at the gala hosted by the Beauty Foundation for Cancer Research. Since she was 5 years old and throughout her entire life, my sister idolized you. She dressed up in costume like your “catman” KISS character, she hung posters on her walls, wore out your records, and attended your concerts. Last night you proved more than worthy of those 40 years of admiration. I have to personally say, that you are the most humble legend that anyone could ever conceive.

Your speech at the Ball was wonderful. Your perseverance and dedication to your faith are truly inspirational. Every moment of last night’s event exceeded every expectation we could have imagined. We had hoped – maybe – to get a glimpse of you across the room. Your willingness to spend time, entertain conversation, pose for photos, dance a slow dance, and simply give the gift of yourself to your admiring fans speaks volumes as to who you are as a person. My sister’s comment on the ride home was “I don’t know how I could ever have a better evening.” That says it all.

From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank you again for your generosity in giving us the gift of a memory that will last us the rest of our lives.


John and Toni