Mick Jagger Daughter Shows Toned Legs In Photo


Mick Jagger’s daughter has really been making a name for herself in the world as she is becoming a fashion icon outside of her father’s rock shadow. Georgia Jagger has the personality to go with being a star. Of course, one would expect this after having such a vibrant father in Mick.

Recently, Georgia took to social media to show off her life a bit before fashion week. In the videos and photos, you can see that she really lives it up. From life outside of the cameras and with her dog to riding a mechanical bull – she truly knows how to live.

You can check out the photos and videos below.

What has Mick been up to? Glad you asked. The sultry star has actually been working tirelessly on some new music. Now, this isn’t just any regular Rolling Stone music that’s being released. We are looking at a whole new band. Yes, that’s right, a whole new Rolling Stones sound.

It was recently revealed that the Rolling Stones will be teaming up with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to release new music. This should have happened many years ago, but we are just glad that it’s finally happening. Obviously, it will be something special, but let’s wait to hear what they got before we jump to the conclusion just yet.