Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Allegedly Almost Died From Scary Drugs


Billboard have up a new article detailing Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband Isaiah Silva’s new lawsuit alleging that Courtney Love tried to have him murdered. In the lawsuit, Silva details Cobain’s alleged drug addiction, and how she bizarrely called them ‘cookies.’ She recently stated that she’s been clean for two years.

As well, it is described that Cobain never showed any interest in or asked that Silva return the guitar when she initially left him in February 2016 and filed for divorce a month later. Yet, according to Silva’s suit, once Love and her business manager and so-called “rottweiler” Lutfi got involved, the battle over the guitar — along with some property rights — became life-threatening.

Silva and Cobain began dating in 2010 and started living together a year later. But, according to Silva’s lawsuit, when Love moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her daughter in 2012, soon after Lutfi began supplying Cobain with narcotics and illicit benzodiazepines, which Cobain and Lutfi referred to as “cookies.” Often the drugs would be delivered by Butler in secret, without Silva knowing.

From there, according to Silva, Cobain developed an addiction, which was supported by Lutfi, causing great strain to their relationship and resulting in Silva ending their engagement at one point. In 2014 the couple married, but Cobain’s alleged drug use only intensified over the years, leading up to a grand mal seizure later that year that nearly killed Cobain at the couple’s home while Silva was there with his young daughter, Arlo. Still, according to the suit, her drug use persisted leading up February 2016 when she disappeared from the couple’s home in West Hollywood, California.