Pearl Jam Hint At Imminent New Release


Pearl Jam members Stone Gossard and Mike McCready hinted that another new single could be coming soon to follow up “Can’t Deny Me” in a new 94.7 interview. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Stone Gossard said, “We love making records with each other, and we love touring, and we’re looking forward to being able to do that for awhile. We like taking time off, but we always get hungry to see each other and experience the joy of playing music in front of people that really love it. It continues to be a dream come true for all of us, I think the older we get the more lucky we feel and the more blessed we feel about it all. More of the same is what I’m hoping for.”

Mike McCready added, “And getting better as a band too I think, in terms of being a creative unit. I feel that’s something we always want to strive for, whether we’re thinking about it or not. That’s an exciting part for me.”

Gossard then said about the band’s new album, “We’re working on a record, we’ve got some songs recorded, we’re going to record some more, but we leave for six weeks on the sixth, so the summer is pretty tight with shows, and then we’ll get back to recording at some point in the fall, and we’ll see where we’re at. We’re not quite sure exactly when a record is coming, if they call it that still, but hopefully another song coming up, I hope.”