Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Disrespected At New York Clothing Store


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain released a video on her Instagram story discussing an experience she had at a New York clothing store on Thursday.

In the video she said, “I definitely just got pretty womaned at the Stella McCartney store in Manhattan, but then I came to Alice & Olivia, and they’re much nicer.”

According to Urban Dictionary, getting ‘pretty womaned’ when you go to an expensive store dressed like a bum or prostitute and the staff refuses to serve you.

Example: “I was pretty womaned on the Upper East Side when the guy from Bloomingdales directed me to the ‘cheap shoes’ section.”

Pretty Woman is an iconic 1990 film starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Frances Bean was recently interviewed by E about the new song teaser she put out. She was also asked if she believes her father Kurt Cobain would be proud of her and her art. She also hinted that she plans to record original songs.

“With regards to music, I don’t want to pigeon hole myself and say I am a musician or a visual artist because I feel like it’s all encompassing and I feel like every bit of my art is related to the other,” said the 25-year-old. “So do I want to pursue my music further and see it come to fruition and see something further and see something palpable? Absolutely.”

When asked about what she thinks her late father, the Nirvana frontman who died by suicide in 1994, would think of her music, Frances, who attended the event with Scott, had a very candid answer.

“I don’t have an answer for that because I don’t want to speak on someone else’s behalf,” said the artist. “I would hope that he would be proud of the human being I am even if he didn’t like the art I am putting out. That’s all I would ask of anyone in my life.”