Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer Tells President Trump Supporter To ‘Pull Your Head Out Of Ass’ And ‘Shut Up’


Ex-Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese shared a post by U.S. Democratic Socialists on late Sunday night that said: “I want to hear Trump say ‘there’s no place for you here’ to white supremacists the way he has to immigrants and Muslims.”

President Trump condemned bigotry following the driving attack on Saturday in Charlottesville that killed a woman named Heather Heyer. The attack is alleged to have been done by a white supremacist following violent confrontations between the left wing anarchist group Antifa and a mix of white nationalists, white supremacists, Neo Nazis, and KKK members who had been set to have a Unite The Right rally.

News reporters were also attacked by Antifa with mace during the chaotic violence. Details on the identity of the driving attacker were not known at the time of the President’s initial Saturday statements. On Monday at the White House, President Trump condemned white supremacists, Neo Nazis, and the KKK as ‘thugs’ and said that ‘racism is evil.’

A man named Jeff commented on Abbruzzese’s Facebook post, saying that the President did condemn bigotry. Jeff commented, “He did.”

He also said, “It is funny how hateful the left is. You guys talk as if he is sporting swastikas and stuff. you guys just sound ignorant, unreasonable and hateful. Trump has nothing to do with these assholes. These Nazi assholes WANT to be associated with Trump, that is in part what they are trying to accomplish.”

Abbruzzese shot back, “Jeff… on behalf of myself and Peg, Please shut up. Please. I’m sick of it. Whatever you say, I dont give a shit. Donald Trump is a poor choice to lead any country. He isnt qualified to be in the position he is in. Anyone that thinks otherwise is just trying to survive without a crippling panic attack. He isnt whats wrong or right with anything. He is a mess and the his presidency couldn’t have come at a worse time. America and the rest of the world does not have this four years to play with. Pull your head out iof whatever ass you are sticking in to hide from the frightening truth. This show of ignorance and stupidity are the result of the ‘Keep Americans Stupid and Full of Pride’ campaign that has been being waged on the citizens of the USA by its government nonstop starting with the war on drugs profit race. What are you proud of today, America? This is just fucking embarrassing.”