Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Reveals ‘Pain’ And ‘Suffering’ She Saw Before Death


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain was recently asked about the tragic death of her beloved dog Wolive in an Instagram fan Q&A. Her dog Uncle Fester died in 2013.

The fan asked, “How did you get over the loss of your dog? Mine is going tomorrow and I’m beside myself.”

Frances Bean responded, “I don’t think we ever truly get over the loss of a living being but what made a tinsey bit easier to accept was knowing he was in pain and that his quality of life had deteriorated. I think letting someone you love go is easier than watching them suffer.”

Cobain recently announced the death of her beloved dog Wolvie Cobain.

“Oh Wolvie boy, my heart hurts now that you are gone but it is less heavy knowing that you aren’t in pain anymore. I will miss your morning snuggles & your never ending will to play & your good boy smile. I’d like to believe that you’ve gone to a place where there’s an abundance of squirrels to chase and love to be felt. I love you my sheep dog boy rest easy ????☁️?”

A few days ago she wished her musician boyfriend Matt Cook a happy birthday.

“It is your birthday today!! ?And good golly, am I ever thankful you were born ! You are a pillar of creativity and kindness in the lives of everyone you meet. I sure do love you babalooski manooski! ?????????????????”