Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Shares Hot Pool Photos


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has shared photos of herself at the pool in hot weather with her dog.

She wrote on Instagram, “Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. – Truman Capote.” You can view the photos below.

Frances Bean has appeared to break up with her rocker boyfriend Matthew Cook. She revealed the news in a new Independent interview.

Where does she feel that came from? “It probably has something to do with an early onset exposure to death, and being very accepting of that. I’m not fearful of that at all.”

I ask Frances how long did it take her to accept death? “I’ve always been accepting of death,” she says, matter of factly. “When I had animals when I was little I would get very sad, but I always understood that it [death] was a very natural part of life. And in a way I am sort of grateful for it because recently I had to put my dog down,” she explains. “My boyfriend… my ex-boyfriend…” she corrects herself, “he had a very emotional attachment to the dog. He took it a lot harder than I did, because I recognise that it was a natural thing, and he was suffering and holding on to his pain was selfish. And I recognised in my ex-boyfriend that he was having a harder time than I was, even though it wasn’t his dog. It was my dog!”

That wasn’t the reason you broke up? “No! No! No!”

The dog dies and I leave? I tease.

“No! No! No!” she laughs. “So I feel I have an awareness of that [death].”

Not many people would disagree with Saint Frances of Seattle.

  • Kitty Meow

    “Holding on to his pain was selfish” what?! That’s a pretty bitchy thing to say. She doesn’t understand that he’s upset about the dog because it was HER dog, not his. She’s probably just like her mother, too bad, she could’ve benefitted from some of her fathers sensitivity.

    • Olga Stewart

      Even though it wasn’t his dog, there is nothing wrong with him being upset about the dog having to be put down.

      The dog was also a part of his life for a time.

      • Kitty Meow

        Oh i agree with you totally, maybe my wording was weird or something but I’m on his side about this. I’m an animal lover, when i had to put my cat Growly to sleep I was a mess for a long time. If those two kids lived together he would’ve felt like it was his dog too. I thought the girl was being very insensitive. 🐕

        • Olga Stewart

          I am very sorry that you had to put Growly to sleep.

          My husband and I had to do with one of our previous cats.

          So I understand about that.

    • Stacie

      I kind of took it as meaning that the dog was in pain and keeping it alive to keep himself from having to grieve was selfish. If I’m right, I agree with her and have had to make the same hard decision. However, if you’re right…that was pretty bitchy. Lol Either way, she could use a bit more sensitivity.

      • Olga Stewart

        I read it as it being her boyfriend.

        But you could be right in regards to how you interpreted it.

        • Stacie

          Exactly. It could kind of go either way. The way it was written wasn’t very clear. The one thing we can definitely agree on though is she was a bit insensitive to her boyfriend. Just because he didn’t “own” the dog doesn’t mean he didn’t spend time with it and therefore become considerably attached. If it were my dog, I’d appreciate the fact that my boyfriend cared so much for my pet. I look at that as a good personality trait, where she seems to look at it as a weakness. Oh well. To each their own I guess. Rip to the poor doggie. 🙁

          • Olga Stewart

            My husband and I have two cats.

            Thankfully, he loves animals. So I know that if we get more cats, then he will be fine with it.

            Also, I’m very sorry to hear of that dog’s passing. :(.

          • Stacie

            You’re so lucky. We’re renting right now and not allowed any pets. 🙁 At least I was able to sneak in my hamster. He is the coolest, friendliest hamster on the planet, so that helps. Lol

          • Olga Stewart

            We live in an apartment building that is pet friendly.

            So there are various cats and dogs in the various apartments.

            And I am glad that you were able to sneak in your hamster. :).

          • Stacie

            Thank u!

          • Olga Stewart

            You’re welcome. :).

  • SPS

    Brett, I’m not gonna lie. Your articles on Frances Bean are absolutely cringeworthy. The opening statement to this one in particular was especially embarrassing.

    Also, you don’t need to use “reveal” in 90% of your article titles. It’s on par with the ads that run on bottom of this site. You’re doing yourself no favors.

    • Anthony Carter

      I said both these things months ago. And I agree with you. He really needs to let the Francis thing go. And I have a book of synonyms for reveal if he needs it

    • TranKQuiLL we are

      Why is the opening statement so embarrassing? And embarrassing to whom?

  • Anthony Carter

    Brett. Tone down the Francis stuff. If she read your articles, she prolly hit you with a restraining order

  • lima85

    Uh, no.

  • kidd Cyr

    This girl is a fake her family belong to a family that claim higher power of government belonging that believe in nothing but themselves as hypocrites to a society that they pay with another mans money who nobody helps? They all think corruption is how they form there alliances to there people who have nothing but terror to cause Abbey rose Reid of the Connelly family in Vermont believe stealing checks from a man that has been through hell has no right at all to his belonging so they steal through each ones spirt that they ask for of which they take through themselves to make ones body apparent to another to pretend to be another and the story goes on and on how they killed Kurt Cobain with drugs they run through the country and cops love to pretend as well!! But blood runs thin don’t it Abby rose Reid who will you pretend to to be next?????

    • Olga Stewart

      What are you going on about?

    • Kitty Meow

      Did you just have a stroke or something? Has it occurred to you that you’re not making sense? Who’s this Abbey rose Reid? Have you seen a Dr. lately?