Dave Grohl Confronted By Fan In His Car: ‘Bitch, I’m Famous’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was photographed with a fan named 777jah in his car a couple of days ago, looking a little tired.

777jah wrote on Instagram, “#DaveGrohl #Nirvana #SeattleFamily #LosAngeles #Hollywood #CrunchyChrist #Drummer #FooFighters #Lit #Fbf ??????❤️✨?????????✝️✝️✝️??.”

He also wrote, “#BitchI’mFamous.”

No, Dave Grohl is famous. See the photo below!

Third Coast Review recently wrote about Foo Fighters’ Wrigley Field performances, “The last time Foo Fighters played Wrigley Field, Dave Grohl was confined to an oversized throne due to a broken leg. When the band returned July 29, Grohl was unfettered and all over the stage. The band tore through a career spanning a set of 22 songs and one suspects had there been no curfew they would have kept going. Based on the show at The Metro they played last time I saw them, this is no exaggeration.

It was a joyous set, light on the guest appearances and heavy on the long jams. Familiar songs were deconstructed and rebuilt—the rework of ‘My Hero’ as a solo endeavor until the triumphant bridge was particularly effective—and at this point it’s no surprise that the band works as a single, telepathic unit. And while Grohl is certainly the frontman, this is one of the rare massive arena acts that feels like they’re just at home in the garage taking cues from each other and sharing the lead. There’s a reason Foo Fighters are arguably the biggest working rock band in the world today. Their humble love of music can’t help but unspool into songs that bubble with grand ambition.”