Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Unloads On Controversial Documentary


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain discussed Kurt’s journals and the Montage of Heck documentary in a new Independent interview.

Cobain says that she has shied away from reading Kurt’s personal journals, telling the Independent, “I don’t look through his journals. It feels too intimate. I am really regretful that my mom [Courtney Love] put them out there. I know it was her way of trying to contribute his personal thoughts and I know that people really want to know that.”

She continued, “I can’t imagine being dead and having people know my intimate thoughts. What an invasion of privacy, I don’t think it is merited especially since in his art he decided not to put out that thinking. It is a different thing to get to know him through this art, a deliberate public extension of himself.”

She concluded, “As an artist you sign an unspoken contract putting your art into the custody of everybody else. That’s the deal with being an artist. I really enjoy his art but I find it is a lot harder to connect to his private journals.”

Cobain also discussed her problems with the Montage of Heck documentary, “That movie ended up being not what I wanted it to be…the first half of the movie is really beautiful; the second half, we all ended up hating Kurt. We were all like, ‘You whiny little b***h. What is wrong with you?’ That wasn’t reflective of what we were trying to convey.”

Frances, who was a co-executive producer on the film, also said, “I regret not being in a headspace to be more involved. I was on a lot of drugs. I was not present. I was not capable of having authentic input.”