Kurt Cobain’s Girlfriend Reveals What Pissed Off Billy Corgan


In a new How The Hell Did That Happen? with Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window podcast, Lord discussed her late ex-boyfriend, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Here, Lord alleges that Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was upset with Courtney Love, and when he dumped her, he thought she had come to Chicago to see Kurt Cobain. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed her comments.

Window: So you went back home and they went to Chicago?

Lord: Right. So, I left Detroit that morning and Kurt [Cobain] said that he wanted me to stay and I said that I really have to go. So, I left and that night they drove to Chicago because they had a gig. So, that night Courtney Love who I think met Kurt at either the Reading Festival several months back, the Satyricon or maybe both. So she had met him before and also Hole was on Geffen Records. So, she was in Los Angeles and somehow she got the money to go to Chicago. I’m pretty sure what she was going to Chicago for but she had been at one time going out with Billy Corgan so she knew him, and I believe he was living there. So, she got to Chicago probably in the afternoon, she went to Billy’s place or wherever. I probably don’t have the story right but from what I understand she caught up with Billy, and Billy said:

“I know why you’re here, get your shit and get the fuck out.”  

Lord: Or something to that effect. So, she got her clothes or stuff, her suitcase and went that night to see Nirvana. So, she hung out with Kurt, maybe for a few days and went back to Los Angeles, I guess and the band continued to do the rest of their shows. That would include the last show which I think might have been in Seattle before they took off for Europe, which was shortly thereafter.