Kurt Cobain Got This Pearl Jam Classic Banned


During her recent appearance on the podcast 60 Songs That Explain the ’90s, Courtney Love revealed a story of the Pearl Jam track she was prohibited from listening to by Kurt Cobain while pregnant with her daughter, Frances.

Courtney Love talks about the matter

Love noted that the song in question was Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy,’ a track she deeply admired and still does to this day. It was during her pregnancy that Cobain imposed this ban, disapproving of Courtney’s affection for the song. However, this did not affect her love for ‘Jeremy.’

The singer had the opportunity to cover ‘Jeremy’ in a live performance in Seattle. She recollected how she experienced a profound spiritual connection during this one-time rendition, describing it as a moment of catharsis.

Here is what Love said about her ban from listening to the Pearl Jam track:

“When I was pregnant with Frances, I was forbidden from listening to ‘Jeremy.’ I loved ‘Jeremy,’ and Kurt said, ‘You can’t.’ I f*cking loved ‘Jeremy,’ and I still love ‘Jeremy.’ I finally got it out of my system. I did it with a fairly good guitar player. [I covered it] one time in Seattle. I have a full [performance] on YouTube. I watch it and have a full spiritual hold-down hallucinatory experience singing ‘Jeremy’ in front of 75 people.

And I see the YouTube, ‘You can’t tell him having this experience,’ but I remember it. I seek Kurt at the Space Needle. While I’m singing, it is a full catharsis. Sorry you can’t see it on YouTube, but I am. I will never forget doing it. I was just like, ‘We got to do ‘Jeremy.’ We’re learning ‘Jeremy.’ We’re gonna play ‘Jeremy.’ We will only play it once here in Seattle. I’m gonna resolve this grief,’” which, by the way, never happens but small steps.”

When the host asked Kurt hated Pearl Jam and the song that much, Love replied:

“I’m not here to beat his beef, but you got to be. That’s his beef, and I don’t want to [talk about it].”

She was also asked about Cobain’s dislike for Pearl Jam and the song. However, Love chose to maintain her late husband’s confidentiality and furthermore stated that it was his personal issue and she didn’t wish to further discuss it.