Kurt Cobain Guitar Sold For Absolute Ripoff Price


Someone out there now owns a piece of Nirvana history with one easy purchase that they made of over half a million dollars as Kurt Cobain’s very odd humor has been seen on this guitar that just sold.

The mystique surrounding rock legends often extends beyond their music to encompass the artifacts of their artistry. Such was the case when a guitar, shattered by Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, fetched a staggering price of nearly $600,000 at auction. The broken black Fender Stratocaster, a symbol of Cobain’s intense performances and musical genius, far exceeded expectations, capturing the imagination of fans and collectors alike.

The resurrected guitar bears the signatures of all three members of Nirvana, etched in silver marker. Moreover, it contains a heartfelt inscription by Cobain to his friend and musical collaborator, Mark Lanegan, who tragically passed away last year. Cobain, known for his idiosyncrasies, signed the instrument as “Kurdt Kobain,” adding a touch of his enigmatic personality to its storied history.

Cobain, whose tragic demise in 1994 shook the music world, was renowned for his raw and explosive stage presence. As Nirvana worked on their seminal album “Nevermind” in the early 1990s, this guitar met its demise, forever etching itself into the annals of rock history. Though repaired, the instrument has lost its ability to produce music, serving as a testament to Cobain’s passionate and destructive approach to his craft.

The auction held by Julien’s Auctions at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York initially estimated a price range of $60,000 to $80,000 for the damaged Fender Stratocaster. However, the closing bid of $596,900 astonished even the most optimistic observers. This remarkable outcome serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Cobain’s music and the emotional connection fans feel towards his legacy.

Kurt Cobain’s guitar is but one highlight in Julien’s ongoing three-day auction, featuring a trove of music memorabilia from iconic figures such as Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Janet Jackson, and Dolly Parton. These artifacts offer fans a chance to own a tangible piece of their favorite artists’ legacies, while also celebrating the diverse and influential contributions of these musical icons.