Hair Metal Legend Backtracks After Motley Crue Insult


In a new interview with Artists On Record Starring ADIKA Live!, Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer clarified his recent comment about Ratt “always crushing Motley Crue musically.” Blotzer stated that his statement was blown out of proportion and explained the context behind it. He mentioned that during an interview with Troy Patrick Farrell, the topic of Ratt’s catalog compared to Motley Crue came up, and he expressed his opinion that Ratt’s catalog is superior. However, he also emphasized that he respects Motley Crue’s career and acknowledged that Motley Crue likely has said similar things about Ratt.

Blotzer also discussed the possibility of a classic Ratt lineup reunion. He revealed that he and Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy have been in frequent communication, trying to make a reunion happen for the past two years. Blotzer expressed his desire for a reunion and mentioned that guitarist Warren DeMartini has shown interest in taking a meeting.

However, he acknowledged the complications within the band, particularly between Pearcy and DeMartini. Blotzer mentioned that they have someone working with them on a managerial level and exploring ideas for a special reissue of Ratt’s debut album, “Out of the Cellar,” as part of the band’s 40th anniversary celebration. He encouraged fans to reach out to DeMartini and bassist Juan Croucier to express their interest in a reunion.

“Ratt’s always crushed Motley musically,” Bobby said. “I think they got more press — [they were associated with] movie stars, explicit sex, murders and shit… so they were always in the magazines. And you know what? They deserve what they got. I don’t think they’d wanna go toe-to-toe with us, that’s for sure.”


Regarding his past legal disputes with the other members of Ratt’s classic lineup, Blotzer explained that the litigation took a toll on him emotionally and affected his love for the band. He mentioned that he would be open to returning to Ratt but currently considers himself retired from active touring. He emphasized the need for a reunion to happen with the classic lineup, expressing his hope that it will occur in the future.

“I did an interview three weeks ago, and I said to this question with my friend Troy Patrick Farrell — he’s got some podcast as well — and he goes right in, man, and starts asking me this stuff: ‘Hey, what about Motley? What about…?’ I mean, it wasn’t even, like, ‘Hey, dude? How’re you doing, man? What’s happening?’ I guess we do that on a regular phone call.

“But in any case, the answer to [the] question [about a possible Ratt reunion] is this… Me and Stephen [Pearcy, Ratt singer] are on the phone all the time. [We’ve been] trying [to put together a Ratt] reunion [for] two years now… And I just saw an interview with him. I sent him a text, I go, ‘Dude, you’re throwing me under the bus? What is wrong with you?’ ‘Cause they were asking him, ‘What do you think about Bobby saying that Ratt crushes Motley?’ I mean, what I said on that, as the question went from Troy, he said, ‘I was talking [SiriusXM radio personality] Eddie Trunk and he was telling me he thought that Ratt’s catalog blows Motley Crue’s away.’ And I said, ‘It does, in my opinion.’ And I’m sure Motley said the same shit about us. But I respect them, to a certain degree. I mean, I definitely respect their career. I mean, how can you not? So that was blown out of proportion. And then Stephen did an interview and he was, like, ‘Yeah, Bob’s out there trying to talk about a reunion. Good luck.’ And I’m, like, ‘Dude, I was just on the phone with you two days ago trying to figure out how much movement we made in the last two months.'”

It’s important to note that these statements reflect Bobby Blotzer’s perspective and opinions, and the situation surrounding Ratt’s lineup and potential reunion may continue to evolve. A Motley Crue member also revealed the last time he did drugs.