Kurt Cobain’s Hair Turned Into Creepy Doll


On the Nirvana Reddit, a new photo has been posted of a doll made out of Kurt Cobain’s hair for Frances Bean Cobain. A story behind Cobain’s hair was also told in a post.

Walchelin posted, “Some time ago the woman who was paid to create the doll tried to sell what was left of Kurt’s hair (from the amount Courtney gave her). It was pulled from the auction probably because Courtney was pissed.

I get the idea of using a dead person’s hair on a doll can be creepy to some, but I think it’s a sweet idea (hair from dead people was often used for jewelry) and a cool way to remember a dear one. All that being said…the doll is kinda ugly and the woman who made it is a jerk. She should have returned the hair to his family, not try to auction it.”

A fan later commented, “Ugh, that’s ghoulish.”

Another fan wrote, “what in the fuck is this annabelle type shit gotdamn.”

Another fan commented, “This is some Hollywood horror movie shit.”

What do you think of the photo of the doll? Let us know in the comments.

The doll made for Frances using Kurt’s hair from r/Nirvana