Kurt Cobain Brutally Dumping Girlfriend With Dave Grohl Revealed


In a new How The Hell Did That Happen? with Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window podcast, Lord discussed her late ex-boyfriend, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Here, Lord discussed the last time she was with Kurt Cobain as he was dumping her for Courtney Love, and how Dave Grohl was present. Alternative Nation transcribed Lord’s comments.

Lord: I remember it was 3 in the morning after the Astoria show in London. We were sleeping, the phone rang, he got on the phone and was on the phone for a long time while I went back to sleep. In the morning, we all went down to get breakfast and I remember Kurt [Cobain] saying to Dave [Grohl]

“Hey, Courtney [Love] called”

Lord: And I didn’t know who Courtney was and Dave said

“Oh, cool whatever.”

Lord: We finished breakfast, we went outside and Kurt said to me:

“How are you going to get to Wolverhampton?”

Lord: And I was like ‘oh shit, what does that mean? So I said ‘oh, I’m not going I have things in London that I have to do.’ Which was bullshit and what I wanted to say was ‘What the fuck do you mean, I’m going with you?’ So, I was like ‘that’s weird’ saying it to myself and I didn’t know what to do so he gave me an itinerary, which was really thick. It was the entire tour, all the phone numbers, the promoters, the gigs, the venues, everything. So he gave me the book and told me this was how to get in touch with him. I just looked at him like ‘what does this mean?’ I didn’t say that though and I said ‘OK, I’ll call you’ and he said


Lord: Then I left, I was like ‘OK bye’, gave him a kiss and said bye. It was really weird.