Kurt Cobain’s Surprising Influence On Nirvana’s Drum Sound Revealed


Former Nirvana drummer Aaron Burckhard discussed Kurt Cobain’s influence on Nirvana’s drum sound, his talent as a drummer, and how Kurt was largely responsible for Nirvana’s sound in a recent Reddit AMA. Below are quotes edited by Alternative Nation for grammar.

“Sometimes Kurt would get behind the drums and show me how he wanted the beat. He was a good drummer.”

“It was 90% Kurt, and 10% for me and Krist. Kurt was focused when writing a song. Pretty simple he was when it came to writing.”

“No, I don’t hate Dave.”

“In high school [Krist Novoselic] had a zebra stiped VW bus.”

“I like the [Nirvana] box set because it’s raw and I’m on it, ha ha ha.”

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic was interviewed by Kennedy on the Fox Business Network last week. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about the 25th anniversary of Nevermind, and the future 50th anniversary in 2041.

“Well I’m excited that so many people care about it, and that it’s touched so many people. I walk down the street and I get recognized. People tell me, ‘Hey, Nevermind, Nirvana, thank you for it.’ I say thanks for loving it, I miss Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl is still rocking the world, so I’m happy. It’s a great celebration, let’s go to 50 years.”

He also talked about the 2016 Presidential election, and why he’d like to see rank choice voting.

“I say forget it, I’m going to vote for Gary Johnson, and that’s the way I feel about it. It just seems like the current rules give people incentive to vote strategically, like they want to vote for somebody they hate. On my Facebook feed, people are freaking out over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So I’m going to do this ratings system, if you’re super freaked out about Donald Trump, then you get 5 red hats. If you’re only halfway freaked out, you get 2 or 3 red hats.

If you’re freaked out about Hillary Clinton getting elected, you get 5 pantsuits. So it’s like a rating system. With rank choice voting, you can put down your favorite candidate, and if no one gets a majority, they kick out the last place vote getter, and redistribute those voters 2nd or 3rd choices to the remaining candidates.”