Motley Crue ‘Hire’ Big Name Singer To Replace Vince Neil


Motley Crue hired John Corabi to replace Vince Neil in 1992 so they could continue to tour and record after having a falling out with the iconic rock god, but it turns out that the owner of MetalSludge.TV, Stevie Rachelle, was a rumored candidate, and he has revealed that another name actually got a hiring offer before Corabi.

A Motley Crue icon unloaded on ‘refusal’ to lose weight a few days ago. Rachelle wrote on his social media, “Fun share considering recent Motley Crue news. August 1992, TEEN STARS Magazine did a Special Edition MOTLEY CRUE Final Tribute Magazine. This was after Vince Neil was ousted from the band.

This issue focused on Motley Crue, and their future and next Frontman. Not sure how any of this was decided, but it felt awesome to be included in the conversation. Better yet, to be featured 2nd only behind John Corabi on the page 2 of this article was pretty amazing for sure.

Regardless of opinions, from readers, band members or other – to even be acknowledged at that level was mind blowing for a kid from Oshkosh Wisconsin who 1st saw Motley on the ‘SATD’ tour in 1984.
We also made their News Wire talking about Todd Chase leaving the band as well. Happy Monday from Sunny So. California.”

MOON responded on the Metal Sludge forum, “I honestly don’t remember that, but the one guys name who i remember that came up with the singer of JUNKYARD.. I was a senior in high school and a lot of people i knew kept suggesting that guy be the replacement.. especially from how he sounds in the video for HOLLYWOOD.”

Howard Stern revealed a sad Motley Crue member photo ahead of the reunion tour earlier this week. DTMFS said, “I remember him being in the discussion along with the likes of Bach, Steve Sex Summers, and some other dudes I can’t remember their names, that was actually interesting who should or who would be the guy, never made sense for Bach to be rumored He was already in a big band, DLR made Zero sense. The weirdest vocal wise would’ve been Steven Shereux (sp).”

Rachelle responded, “It’s Stephen Shereaux, and the guys in Motley Crue wanted him. To my knowledge, they offered him the gig and he turned it down.

Google it…it mentions this in his Wikipedia, and I am sure he’s talked about it in interviews. Also an old buddy of mine, an AMAZING singer and killer performer for sure. He & I use to fuck 2 chicks who lived together in Van Nuys. #GoodTimes.”