Kurt Cobain Jealousy Of Dave Grohl Finally Revealed


Danny Goldberg revealed what Kurt Cobain told him about Dave Grohl’s singing voice in a new Washington Post interview. He said while Cobain was proud, there also seemed to be a hint of envy due to his competitive nature.

Dave Grohl played Kurt Cobain early versions of the Foo Fighters songs “Exhausted” and “Alone + Easy Target” during Nirvana’s later days. Grohl said previously that Cobain loved the songs, but told others privately that if Nirvana recorded them, he would want to write his own lyrics to Grohl’s instrumentals. Grohl worked on the material with Krist Novoselic during the final Nirvana recording sessions in Seattle in January 1994. After Cobain’s 1994 suicide and Nirvana’s dissolution, Grohl later included the songs on Foo Fighters’ self-titled 1995 debut album.

Danny Goldberg will release ‘Serving the Servant’ next week.

The Washington Post writer asked, “There is this wonderful moment when Kurt tells you about Dave’s singing, which nobody would know about until the Foo Fighters.”

Goldberg said, “Kurt just said to me, ‘I don’t think you realize how good a singer Dave is, but I hear him singing harmonies every night.’ It was like he was really doing it so I would know this because there was this very fraternal side of him and a sweet side of him, but also it had a touch of envy in it. I mean he was competitive.”