Rush Singer ‘Miserable’ Neil Peart Tour Rejection Photo Leaks


Rush singer Geddy Lee was called out for looking sad after Neil Peart refused to tour after 2015 in a new photo. Bias-Free Baseball tweeted, “People who also met @rushtheband’s Geddy Lee, did anyone else see the sadness in his eyes regarding Rush not being active anymore?” Rush confirmed a surprise Neil Peart 2019 appearance yesterday.

Rush fans on recently discussed Alex Lifeson’s only solo album under the name Victor. The album was released in 1996, and reached #99 on the Billboard 200. Son of Life posted, “Like many, I kinda wrote this album off. I got it when it was released (was only 12 at the time) and was surprised by its adult themes….Only listened to select tracks maybe every other year or so…

Now I’m 34 and this record resonates more than ever. I love the attitude. The songs I skipped over the years are hitting pretty hard now. Maybe because I’m jonesing for some new Rush and this underappreciated album is filling the gap…

Despite any opinion, you have to agree, the lead tones on Victor are some of the sweetest and creamiest Lifesons ever recorded. I could go on…” Maverick responded, “Neil’s solo album is better than Victor.” Babycat chimed in, “I like both of Neil’s albums and Alex’s.” Chemistry1973 wrote, “It has grown on me. I really, REALLY like his guitar playing on that record.” YTSERush said, “It’s a pretty amazing record. As is Geddy’s and Neil’s tribute records.” A young drummer asked Neil Young about a return in a video a few days ago.