Kurt Cobain Played Surprising Role On Foo Fighters Classic


In a new interview with Warren Huart, recording engineer Bradley Cook looks back on engineering Foo Fighters’ The Colour and the Shape, and revealed that Kurt Cobain’s live setup made an appearance on a classic song. Alternative Nation transcribed part of the conversation.

Asked about the setup for the classic “Everlong”, Cook remembers the scene and how Dave Grohl and Pat Smear’s guitars were recorded.

“They’re both definitely playing on it. It’s very lefty-righty, Dave-Pat, and then the other bits, probably Dave in the middle,” [of the stereo spectrum.]

With the powerful sound the song had Cook was asked about what guitar Smear used:

“Pat’s guitar is a Hagrstrom and he was using Kurt Cobain’s live setup which was some kind of preamp and then like a Crown 1000 watt power amp and then to the Marshall and we kept blowing speakers in the Marshall. But it sounded really really good so we kept putting new speakers in and blowing them. That’s how we got Pat’s sound. It’s a really middle-y, punky, middle-y sound: complimentary to the boogie.”