Metallica Bold System of a Down Remark After Drama Revealed


Comedian Jim Breuer was interviewed on the latest episode of the Appetite for Distortion podcast, and he revealed the bold remark Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich made about System of a Down as Metallica were going through their dramatic St. Anger recording process. Alternative Nation transcribed Breuer’s comments about opening for Metallica.

“When I was with Metallica, I couldn’t really do a standup set. They wanted me to more entertain people as they came in. What that included was I got obscure pictures to be playing as they were sitting down, then I got an all request DJ to play for half an hour. If I like some of the requests, I’ll tell a story that leads to the song.

We played System of a Down and I would say, ‘I toured on a tour bus in 2003 and Lars Ulrich came on the back of my tour bus, and we moshed to System of a Down ‘Sugar.’ Then I started playing more, and before he left, he said, ‘If we ever had to pull off a torch, I would give it to System of a Down. They’re that good.’

Then that made me wonder if after St. Anger came out, if that was really driven by System of a Down, so I don’t know.”

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