John Lennon ‘Ruining’ The Beatles Reunion Before Death Leaks


Historian of John Lennon and the Beatles Kenneth Womack revealed recently in an exclusive feature with UK-based outlet Express how Lennon squashed plans for a ‘Beatles reunion’. Womack will be writing a new book entitled: ‘John Lennon 1980: The Final Days’ about the ‘fab four’ co-founder’s creative endeavors and travels throughout 1980. The author told the outlet: ” “It will be about the making of all that great music, which he himself said was the one thing that mattered when people would talk to him about Beatles reunions and all those sorts of stories.” Ringo Starr bad ‘last words’ to John Lennon revealed.

Womack continued: “He’d say, ‘Why are you worried about us getting back together when we have all this great music?’ So the music is very much about the story, but there will be a kind of epilogue where we understand how the things that happened 1980, including sadly his murder, resonate beyond that moment.” Ringo Starr leaks heartbreaking last John Lennon photo.

John Lennon 1980: The Final Days is set to be released on October 9, 2020. In other news regarding John Lennon and the Beatles, fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss the fascinating ‘what if’ scenario of ‘what if John Lennon lived’. Bokb3o posted: “What a freaky thought! I’d expect that John would have gone into other media, and likely more political. But he was really digging his domestic groove, so he’d have probably laid low and only come out when needed. One of the cool things, though, would be how they would have contributed to the Beatles’ legacy. How would they approach re-issues, re-masters, the releases of unreleased materials? And how would that influence Paul and Ringo in their contributions? And, to take it further, wouldn’t that lead to possible collaborations for new stuff? That’s a really tough scenario, man. A definite void that will never be filled.” John Lennon ‘offensive’ photos with this older woman leak.