Kurt Cobain Sings Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” In AI Video


A fan has created an AI generated version of Hole’s classic “Celebrity Skin” with Kurt Cobain singing.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love has shared a text conversation she had with Dave Grohl, as part of a call for more women to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. The Hole vocalist took to Twitter and Instagram this week to share the words of author and journalist Jessica Hopper, who shared an article titled “Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame celebrates women who rock.”

In response, Hopper wrote: “Do they tho? 719 inductees to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, only 61 are women. That’s 8.48 per cent. C’mon @rockhall, it’s FUCKING GRIM BRO when yr doing worse than women-artists-on-country radio numbers (10 per cent) and women headliners at major music festivals (13 per cent).” She went on to share a host of supporting evidence in a long tweet thread.

@jesshopp DOES THE MATH!” Courtney wrote when sharing the tweet. 37 years in existence & women make up 8.48 per cent of inductees out of 719.”

“See txt to Grohl,” she added, sharing a screenshot of a text she sent to the Foo Fighters vocalist about his own induction to the Rock Hall and how he should “hold the seats of Tina Turner and Carole King, both who have been eligible for over 30! years each.”