Motley Crue Threatened With Final Tour ‘Fraud’ Lawsuit


Motley Crue concert promoters could face a class action lawsuit after the 2015 farewell tour turned out to not really be the end thanks to the band’s 2020 reunion tour with Def Leppard and Poison. The MetalSludge.TV forum is claiming that Eddie Trunk said on his podcast that a lawsuit is possible.

GTRJay posted, “Trunk says bands like Motley and others may face class action lawsuit. From false advertisement to other things that these bands keeping dragging around. Perhaps not band but management or promoters ? On his podcast that dropped today.”

IJWTHSTD responded, “In 1996 some Argentinian promoters unsuccessfully sued the Ramones when they extended the tour past the Buenos Aires farewell date.”

Stanley_Muscat_Guns said, “Well, if a vegan can file a suit against Burger King for grilling his impossible burger on the meat side of the grill … this lawsuit is possible, too. Lol

Doesn’t mean they’ll win. Gotta establish intent to harm.”

Nikki Sixx reacted to an insulting question about John Corabi a few days ago. Tym chimed in, “He could be right. Lets face in, In America, we just LOVE to sue the shit out of everyone! There will be a attorney someplace that says, welp, may make some nice bank, end up on a few talk shows, why not. Let the lawsuits fly! Who knows, maybe they will just pay me off to shut me up and make me go away.”

Sirthx wrote, “I like Trunk. Seems like nice guy. But he says the some stupid, stupid shit, every fucking show. He’s passionate, but not the smartest guy in any room.”

Metal Judge shot back, “Wrong! He is an asshole. Met him a few times. If you are not someone in the music biz then you are not important to him.”

Sirthx responded, “So, you’re not in the music biz, but you’ve met him a few times? He was an asshole but you still went back to try again? (‘Hey look, there’s Eddie Trunk. He was an asshole last time I met him but I’m gonna go give him another shot. Hold my beer!’) Is he an asshole because he declined you’re invitation to come back to your table for drinks?” Tommy Lee recently reacted to rumors that he hates Vince Neil.