Lars Ulrich Reveals If Mick Jagger Can Still Tour


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently said that he doesn’t mind all the sacrifices that come along with being in a touring rock band. He then opened up on how long they will continue to tour and record albums.

Lars Ulrich opens up on the matter

During a new appearance on the “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” podcast, Ulrich noted:

“When I’m up on stage and I feel strong and I’m in that moment and the four of us are connecting and we’re connecting with an audience, whatever the size is, all of it’s worth it,” he said.

“Who would have thought, coming up on 41 years later that Metallica would still be functioning, would still be relevant enough to be sitting here with you guys, thank you very much, still going out there and playing a two-year tour and putting records out that still connect with people. Even in the wake of something like ‘Stranger Things’ last summer, reaching more and more people [through the appearance on Metallica’s classic song ‘Master Of Puppets’ in the show]. Who the fuck would have thought that?

“[Paul] McCartney just turned 80. He’s still out there. [Mick] Jagger is doing all those sexy bum wiggles better than he’s ever done and connecting. It’s inspiring,” Ulrich added. “And I think that as long as the shoulders and the necks and the knees and the backs, if they keep functioning on the four Metallica guys, we’ll keep doing this hopefully for another 20 years — egg whites and tofu included.”

Asked if he can ever see a point where he would actually step away from Metallica , Ulrich said: “I feel there’s a time I could step away from it. I was very ready to step away from it right there in ’01 and ’02 when all that shit was going down with ‘Some Kind Of Monster’. I have thousands of other things that I can entertain myself with that would be creatively stimulating. Obviously, Metallica’s  my love, my priority and first thing, but I’m not afraid of what I’m going to do with my life if this all goes away. I really don’t think I want to do music once Metallica ends. Hopefully, it will last forever.”